july - september 2004 focus on film 12

Bistart Film Selection from BAFICI
by Juliana Fortini



Go Further
Ron Mann



Watching movies about the environment used to be boring and sad until Go Further appeared. It is a documentary directed by Ron Mann, starring American actor-activist, Woody Harrelson. This 80-minute movie takes us on a bike trip with the star promoting environmental causes. The humorous part of the film is that travelling with Harrelson are a somewhat peculiar cook, a yoga instructor, two activist lawyers and a young man who does little to mend his ways and the world in general. Mann says that the only direction he gave Woody at the beginning of film was to make sure the audience would leave with a sense of hope. Mann manages to connect the audience with that feeling, adding a dose of a sense of responsibility for all the environmental hazards affecting our planet.


Best Film
Parapalos (Pin Arranger)
Ana Poliak



What is interesting about this film by Ana Poliak, who received an award for best picture at the BAFICI, is the playful component of working without a script, without professional actors and a high dose of ad-libbing. The pin arrangers are the real pin arrangers at the bowling lanes where the movie was shot and the star is a friend of Poliak·s in real life. There are only two outdoor scenes: one is a dream the star has and the other is when he is given a harmonica and plays it on the roof. The rest of the movie takes place inside the star·s house and the “cage” of the bowling lanes.


Best Director
Royston Tan



Royston Tan received one of the most anticipated BAFICI awards for best director for this movie that portrays (once again) the drama of being a teenager. One of the most interesting features of the movie is the ingenious merging of violence and tenderness in the story of these two young people who rebel against the world they have to grow up in. Tan plays with the images and the multiple possibilities offered by new technologies used in filmmaking to create a movie with an entertaining script, images and, most of all, telling the story from the point of view of a teenager.


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