july - september 2004 focus on film 12

Bistart Film Selection from BAFICI
by Juliana Fortini



Le monde vivant



Whoever says magic does not exist has not seen the intelligent movie Le monde Vivant, where tenderness, love and hate intertwine to converge into a story that is both fantastic as well as magical. The (great) detail in the movie are the ogres, jean-clad knights, maidens, barking lions and baby elephants that star in this movie keeping the audience smiling with satisfaction for 75 minutes.



Wisky Romeo Zulú
Enrique Piñeyro



There is no one who is more versatile than Enrique Piñeyro in this movie because he acts, produces, directs and relives a personal story of when he was a pilot for Lapa airlines. The pilot, turned director, takes to the screen the reports he himself filed months before the Boeing 737 accident, in which 67 passengers died. Piñeyro begins a new political cinema that opens a window into how certain issues are dealt with in Argentina, where many times money, image and position are much more valuable than human lives.



The Weather Underground
Sam Green



This documentary is full of values, rebels and surprises. The Weather Underground was a group of radical activists, made up mainly of American students who fought against the Vietnam war and other interventions of the American government. The group worked secretly and was at war with the government for almost ten years. According to one of the directors, Sam Green, little is known about this story in the US and the world, which why the purpose of the documentary is to establish an analogy with the present and show that not everyone was Nixon in the past and, today, not all Americans are Bush.


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