july - september 2004 focus on film 12

luis XIII
Louisse / 24 april – 19 july

Through recent years, Louise has been turning into a must-go-to place on the Parisian artistic scene. A few years ago, a group of seven galleries from the Louise Weiss street joined together to collaborate on the organization of opennings and the creation of mailing lists - sharing information and technology but at the same time allowing each gallery to keep its own identity. The neighborhood is now home to eleven galleries that have expanded to include the Duchefdelaville street and the Chevaleret street. This association, Louise, named after its geographic location (originally selected because of its lack of identity), brings us closer to the French and international avant-garde. In this section of BistArt, entirely devoted to this promising Parisian neighborhood, there will be a regular summary of what is up and coming in Louise.

34 rue louisse weiss
Happy 2004

Under Construction

20 rue Louise Weiss
Giuseppe Gabellone

The Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin will exhibit the woks of Giuseppe Gabellone. He was born in 1973 in Italy. He has been exhibiting in different places in Europe and USA including Greengrassi, London; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago and Galerie Martin Janda Raum Aktueller Kunst, Austria. Gabellone actually produces little and demolishes a whole lot. The fact is that he dooms most of his sculptures to destruction, and this is undoubtedly because he only reckons them to be fully satisfactory and significant from the single, sterile and one-eyed viewpoint of photography.

30 / 5 rue louisse weiss
Dana SCHULTZ / LFL Gallery (échange de galeries / gallery swap)

The LFL Gallery will present the new paintings of Dana Schutz at the Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin. Recently, I have been working on a group of paintings loosely hinged on the act of painting a fictional man from observation, and representing the objects that surround us. The paintings are premised on the imaginary situation that the man and I are the last people on earth. The man is the last subject and the last audience and, because the man isn't making any paintings, I am the last painter. The pictures oscillate between observational paintings of him posing for me and hallucinatory arrangements of objects, mirages and visions of transitory events. (...) The psychological and representational implication of painting in a world where reality is relational between two people (...) is a starting point for these paintings. Dana Schutz.

22 Rue Duchefdelaville
RONAN & ERWAN BOUROULLEC assemblages, 250, 150, 60

Pose, place, centre, aligns This ensemble is built around different levels which begin horizontally then become vertical to form assemblages. Light, paint, materials outline the particularity of each level. An indecisive particularity in terms of use but very precise in terms of the balance of each ensemble. Assemblages: with heights, depths and points of view.

34 rue louisse weiss
JEAN PROUVÉ l¹idée constructive

Through experimentation with metal, Prouvé embraces the idea of constructionism. Well ahead of his times, Prouvé provoked a cross between the latest technologies and an almost artisan way of working. This is why Prouvé represents a general summary of the 20th century. He has presented an integral experience, introducing nomadism, emergency architecture and redistributing the borders between our objects and walls. All these features make him one of the inevitable characters of the 21st century. Philippe Jousse

Jennifer Flay


&: gb agency
10 Rue Duchefdelaville
Robert Breer

This exhibition brings together some sculptures from the artist Robert Breer never seen in France before. It also presents some drawings, some films like ·What·s Goes Up?·(2003) and documentaries. In Breer·s world, those motorized objects, with an extremely slow movement without any logic, activate the space around and structure the viewer’s time, they are dealing with public·s self-consciousness about these notions. Robert Breer·s work suggests a personal experience, between our space and the artwork maze, a moment liberated of any kind of authority.

32 Rue Louisse Weiss

Petra Mrzyk & Jean-François Moriceau propose an installation of about 100 framed drawings clamber chaotically from floor to ceiling. An absurd, exuberant and alternate reality directly coming from the dreams of a certain Mr Frame…Petra Mrzyk and Jean-François Moriceau work together since 1998 on an intense drawing basis strongly linked to contemporary visual culture. A plentiful black line drawing in wich all images, logos and characters from commercials, comics, TV, cinema and video game gathered all togheter with pop culture and science fiction rise up again free in an extravagant mental space.

16 rue Duchefdelaville
Lothar Hempel

“…Considerar la moral y temas ideológicos y éticos son los puntos centrales de mi trabajo, y estos conceptos los entrego al cuestionar el concepto del yo. El yo en este sentido es fluido y dinámico, una metáfora social. No tiene principio ni fin. Me interesa construir situaciones que tienen una calidad de ensueño; donde los interiores y los exteriores no se contradicen, donde ustedes como espectadores son libres para volver a considerar distintas opciones mientras se encuentran parados en el medio del conflicto…” Extracto del catálogo "Lothar Hempel Propaganda", ICA, Londres, 2002.

28 rue louisse weiss

Lovett/Codagnone present ECHO, a photographic exhibition comprised of three elements, each derived from one performative source. These new works aim to accentuate the artists¹ rigorous engagement with performance-based photography, and further involve the viewer in their ongoing investigation of power dynamics. On one wall, Still life with you, 1 and 2 (2001), is a pair of close-up portraits of the artists, photographed on the occasion of a one-time performance. The photographs are mounted on Plexiglas and displayed on shelves placed at different heights to emphasize the relation the artists enacted in the performance. On an opposite wall, 360 seconds (2004), is a series of slide projections on red acetate, in which the use of multiple exposures aim to create a different sense of theatrical and photographic space. The slide projector is on a timer and loops continuously. On a third wall, ECHO, 1-8 (2004), a series of eight 16 x 20 inch prints (from which the exhibition title is derived), is a selection of images chosen from the slide carousel, which signal a return to the original photographic source of the performance.

151 rue du Chevaleret



Bruno Rousseaud + Sculptures

The Galerie Almine Rech will be exhibiting the woks of Bruno Rousseaud. Born in 1969 Rousseaud lives and works in Paris. He has been exhibiting in different places in Europe including Nano Galerie, Paris and FRAC Poitou-Charentes. The Almine Rech Gallery also presents a group exhibit with sculptures as the main theme. During the 20th century, sculpting has been transformed by the great movements, especially by conceptualism and minimalism. Today, very present on the artistic scene, sculpting can develop freely in all directions. This exhibit, which brings together different artists such as Carl Andre, Mark Handforth, Janco Matic, John McCracken, Ugo Rondinone, Vincent Szarek, Gavin Turk and Uri Tzaig reveals this journey.

Nano Gallerie


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