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Here you´ll find a special selection of net art and multimedia projects. It´s
a chance to discover and explore or rediscover interesting works.

In this section, BistArt has dedicated a space for joint collaborations with
artists to explore and experiment in areas directly associated to multimedia
projects. If you are a net artist or work on multimedia-related projects and
want to participate in this section contact us at

In Exhibitions Online, BistArt occasionally organizes online exhibitions inviting curators from around the world to participate. This section is mainly targeted at creatively using the possibilities offered by virtual spaces to generate network-specific exhibits.

For this first issue, BistArt presents Chaotic Innocence curated by our editor, Luciana Sario. Chaotic Innocence brings together a set of works by Latin American artists that have a special aura where chaotic and innocent features are fused to take us to places filled with magic, suspense, tenderness, hybridism, irony and humor.

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