About BistArt

Founded in 1998 in San Francisco, California, BistArt Online is an organization mainly aimed at promoting and offering information about contemporary art. BistArt reaches a wide international audience that includes collectors, critics, curators, artists and other connoisseurs and lovers of art.

With an international outlook, in different sections – magazine, guide, gallery and multimedia projects - BistArt offers a detailed and unique vision of what is happening in the art world today: the latest trends, upcoming artists, new creations.

BistArt Magazine

BistArt features one of the major online contemporary art magazines, offering its readership serious and interesting information in exclusive interviews, reviews and essays about renowned and emerging artists, in addition to reports on art exhibits, fairs and biennials.

Online Guide

In its online guide, one of the most comprehensive guides available on the web, those who are curious about art can obtain detailed information about art galleries, museums and publications from different cities around the world. In this bimonthly section, BistArt features comprehensive reports on artistic scenes in cities such as Paris, New York, San Francisco, Buenos Aires and San Pablo, among others, and invites viewers to visit major exhibits online through “BistArt Guides You”.

BistArt Gallery

In its online gallery, BistArt promotes and showcases works by emerging and renowned artists. Visit our online gallery to enjoy works by today's and tomorrow's talents and discover never-before-seen portfolios of renowned artists.

Online Projects

Through joint collaborations with artists, BistArt devotes this section to the exploration and experimentation in all areas directly related with multimedia projects. The main purpose of this section is to creatively employ the potential of virtual spaces from a physical standpoint to generate specific projects for the web.

BistArt Newsletter

BistArt publishes a free newsletter that is distributed every six weeks and includes reports on different events taking place in our organization, such as new issues of BistArt Magazine, upcoming artists, new galleries and different events in the art world. Log on to BistArt and enter a universe in which art reaches new dimensions allowing viewers to discover new art, today's art, forward-looking art, art that is limitless.

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