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For 5 years, BistArt's online guide has been part of the international art circuit. Our online guide - a reference for collectors, artists, museum directors, galleries and art lovers in general - can promote and post information about your gallery, art center, institution or museum on an international scale.

1. Basic Service

Members appear in the BistArt Online Guide.

Members are included in BistArt's general search engine as well as in the gallery search engine.

There is a space for general information about each gallery:

E-mail Address
Website link

There is a space reserved for each gallery called "Notes" for brief descriptions.

Example I
Note: The gallery promotes works by Argentine artist, Guillermo Kuitca
Example II
Note: The gallery specializes in masterpieces by Argentine painters from the '30s.
2. Integral Service

In addition to the benefits described in the Basic Service section, the integral service includes the following:

There is an exclusive virtual space for each gallery that includes:

- Display and promotion of 10 works of the gallery.
- Information about the works on display.
- Description of the gallery's background and vision.
- The gallery's calendar / annual schedule.
- Vital and general information about the gallery.

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3. Other Services

Galleries, Museums, and Art Fairs: Sign-up for our online services.

Worldwide, more than 1,000 leading galleries, museums and art fairs trust BistArt to promote themselves, their events and their artists.

Press Release Services > BistArt is now offering the possibility of sending out press releases to its 30.000 members - including leading dealers, collectors, critics, gallerists, curators, and other art professionals from around the world. Recognized art fairs, biennials and institutions such as Art Basel, Miami Art Museum, Art Palm Beach, Yokohama and Seoul Biennial, have already chosen us for sending out their press release to BistArt subscribers.

Gallery and Museums Guide > Through a large online guide, we offer information on museums, galleries and magazines of different cities around the world. This gives you the possibility to be part of the Online Guide featuring most of the most important galleries and museums of the world. Every day, this section receives 50 000 visits from around the world.

Section and site sponsorship > Sponsor the entire site with a fixed banner and reach over 80,000 qualified visitors.

City Report Sponsorship > Once every two months, offers exhaustive reports of the artistic sceneries of cities like Paris, New York, Miami, Sao Paolo, Buenos Aires, San Francisco among others. Each report includes a guide featuring the main galleries of the city the report is about. Be part of it and reach over 80.000 qualified visitors.

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